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Jordan Brand launched the "Yingmuhuadao" series of products 2014-10-08 14:26:46 in the double Air Jordan 6 spy photos exposed the occasion of so many Sneaker and dunk master comic fans boiling away, before the network once again exposed the heavyweight news, Jordan Brand in order to make the product more full, and create a series of related products for it, including a hand drawn version Yingmuhuadao figure and Jersey number No. 10 T-shirt, and a printed comic silhouette of a baseball cap, love friends can look at. Air Jordan 5 "Inside Out Bel Air" customized to appreciate 2013-12-09 00:05:58 famous shoes custom team El Cappy shortly before the big heat "Bel-Air" as the design inspiration, originally appeared in the shoe lining embossed pattern transplanted to Air Jordan 5 on the side of the shoes, and named "Bel-Air Inside Out"". Now small for everyone to bring the extremely fancy custom works the most new tours, you don't see presbyopia.[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Recently, Adidas because it contains harmful chemicals traced out. However, according to the survey found, not the first time Adidas toxic exposure, apparently it is a recidivist drug dealer companies. Adidas perennial burst of toxic In August 2011, Greenpeace published the findings of a global brand clothing toxic and harmful residues, the survey found, Adidas, jordan 3 katrina 2018 Li Ning and other famous international brands of clothing and shoes, in the production process using nonylphenol vinyl ether (NPE), the substance in the water will break down into toxic nonylphenol (NP). The NP and before this substance caused widespread concern plasticizers, are added during the production of chemicals on the human reproductive health hazard. While this material on clothing can be washed off the floods came, but after entering the water body will continue to affect the environment, thus becoming the health risk factors. After NO exposure, Adidas rapid clarification, Miller says more than singing nicely Adidas commitment in its public statement [3] to the public: will phase out its supply chain and products all hazardous substances before 2020 and will take immediate action to phase out environmental hormone substances NPE (nonylphenol ethoxylates). There is no doubt in the NP incident, adidas became a response to Greenpeace "drug-free future" called brand. But a year later, the "drug-free future" brand was a slap in the face of life and life sectors, again exposing drug, was turned out. 2012 ?? 10 30, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands researchers an international NGO on 14 outdoor clothing brand children's and women's clothing were tested, including the German brand dewclaws, Adidas, Vaude, and American brand TheNo jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black rth Face like. In a random sample of 14 raincoat and rain pants were found harmful chemicals perfluorinated compounds. The report notes that perfluorinated compounds harmful perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and other substances are used mainly waterproof and stain-resistant. These fluorine compounds difficult to degrade the environment, it is possible to enter the body through food, air and water. And some recent studies that these harmful chemicals can cause fertility decline and other immune system disorders. Adidas clarify alleged irresponsible Similarly, after the report of the International non-governmental organizations appear positive, Adidas also stand out quickly clarified. But this time it is a little cringe and become emboldened enough:. "Substance content of all detected small product harmless" Consumer Wang clarified for Adidas said he was angry: "content is less harmful substances would not yet Do not you know it, even then a small snowball effect of toxic substances, but also grew up in the day, long-term wear?? does not affect the body? Really irresponsible companies, easier said than done! " "clarify everything is false, all the future commitments of the fairy tale is illusory, because in front of the interests of victims or those of us who P people." Consumers Ms. Lee said. garment industry, said:.. "Clothing hazardous subst jordans on sale online ances will also need a transition, after all, China's garment industry is clearly behind the international level, these substances alternatives, but based on the same lagging behind, in the last year including Nike, Puma, etc. companies have pledged to take action to remove the product of harmful chemicals. Just bad luck, Adidas, commitment and prior to today's reality was a bit hard, but so will lack confidence. " Reporter Comments: As consumers, we only care about the cold weather to buy clothes to wear clothes, but never knew which contain harmful substances, and how have these harmful substances harm so we recommend law gives certain criteria? instead of always being exposed abroad, that will only look backward and absurd. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)2017-01-29: Stade Armand-Cesari in Bastia Beijing home court 1:1 draw caen. Bastia in five games 2 wins, 1 draws and 2 losses, and Caen in the last five games 2 wins and 1 draws and 2 defeats. Finally, the two sides battle: 1-1, St. maximin goal for Bastia, the Rodney Ronnie as the harvest goals, both the outcome is not divided. began to play 26 minutes in the first half, Bastia player Jimmy Westminster area to the right footed shot, the ball flew into the goal from the centre assists Mustafa Bastiaan 1-0 caen. 42 minutes in the first half, Da buy cheap jordans online Silva player Damien Caen in the central area to the header, but the ball just wide of the left goal to give him the ball is Louis. In 45 minutes, Caen player Rodney right foot shot, the ball flew from the lower left corner of the goal of Bastia 1-1 caen. The second half 53 minutes player Herve Bazile left Caen area to left foot, but the ball slightly higher goal to give him the ball is Jordan Adeoti. The second half 63 minutes Bazile player Herve Caen left goal small angle try left foot shot, but the ball just wide of the left goal to give him the ball is Louis. The whistle score is 1-1, Bastia draw with caen. the game Bastia won 4 corners and 16 free kicks, and Caen won 9 corners and 11 free kicks. Bastia and Caen teams ball rate be roughly the same (53%VS47%). In addition to the Bastia shot 10 times, 4 shots, scoring 1 goals, and Caen 14 shots, 5 shots, scoring 1 goals. , the French high-end fashion brand Givenchy, has released new vitality in its accessories after releasing its new 2014 spring / summer season. The launch of the 2014 spring all-over print backpacks series. Inspired by the bold full print design, the Riccardo Tisci is personally supervised, including Vintage computer styles, classic American flags, and five star faces. The series of backpacks is expected to be released in the coming months, so please look forward to it. French Gi cheap foamposites venchy brand 2014 spring summer handsome backpackAfter the release of the Home version of Nike Basketball and on home court, as we announced another new design KD 8 Elite. This section uses low-key yet classic grey shoes and shoe body color, Swoosh and in the end by the white color, complemented by a serpentine texture decorative uppers, finally equipped with transparent rubber outsole. The shoe body is provided by the support of Flywire technology and Kevlar fiber to create a comfortable and better protection, finally full control Zoom Air can continue to provide perfect cushioning experience. nike-kd-8-elite-grey-snake.jpg (72.45 KB, download number: 23) download Nike KD 8 Elite Grey 2016-3-31 08:26 upload nike-kd-8-elite-grey-snake-3.jpg (61.05 KB, download number: 17) download Nike KD 8 Elite Grey 2016-3-31 08:26 upload nike-kd-8-elite-grey-snake-4.jpg (33.78 KB, download number: 23) download Nike KD 8 Elite Grey 2016-3-31 08:26 upload nike-kd-8-elite-grey-snake-1.jpg (40.32 KB, download number: 25) download Nike KD 8 Elite Grey 2016-3-31 08:26 upload nike-kd-8-elite-grey-snake-2.jpg (41.45 KB, download number: 20) download Nike KD 8 Elite Grey 2016-3-31 08:26 upload nike-kd-8-elite-grey-snake-5.jpg (20.55 KB, download number: 22) download 0-2 behind the Cavaliers back to their home court, this is the fight to win or die cheap air jordans . But they did not let the people down home court today, Kyrie Irving scored 30 points and 8 assists to help the team to 120-90 victory over the warriors. Today he is fighting with the debut of this new Kyrie 2 White Gold Wine Finals PE, the YISHION white gold in the bottom and upper collocation transparent rubber outsole, supplemented by wine red shoes decoration details, and dotted with powdered gold outsole. kyrie-irving-nike-kyrie-2-white-gold-wine-finals-pe.jpg (120.84 KB, download number: 2) download Nike Kyrie 2 White Gold Wine Finals PE 2016-6-9 12:08 upload kyrie-irving-nike-kyrie-2-white-gold-wine-finals-pe-1.jpg (155.53 KB, download number: 6) download Nike Kyrie 2 White Gold Wine Finals PE 2016-6-9 12:08 upload kyrie-irving-nike-kyrie-2-white-gold-wine-finals-pe-2.jpg (151.51 KB, download number: 7) download Nike Kyrie 2 White Gold Wine Finals PE 2016-6-9 12:08 upload warriors, Nike, home court 00Jordan Future Low low shoe type large listed in 2015, the Jordan Future Low "Midnight Navy" in the midnight blue and white soles breathable material uppers, follow-up reports love friends please pay attention to our newest information. 095134MC-1_resized.jpg (53.51 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Future Low Midnight Navy 2014-11-9 11:16 upload Jordan 00 doom was the Buddhist language, a very long time. Later, it me air jordan 11 space jam for sale ans the doom, the great difficulty and the doom. It is difficult to escape the fate decreed by fate There is no escape from fate. 2009 known as the shoe industry is the most difficult year, in the most difficult year China shoemaking industry is almost a series of problems, There is no escape from fate., the international market is launched for China shoe siege. Taking inventory and reviewing the important events of shoemaking industry may bring new development inspiration to the shoemaking industry which is now in the difficult period. Russia for Chinese shoe business "extermination" "trade in Russia, with flowers and traps.". On the one hand, the profit is very attractive, but if traders do not have basic quality, do business here, the basic knowledge, it will hit the wall. Russia is a complex country with wisdom and mind." In Russia, the famous overseas Chinese leader Wen Jinhua said. in order to get the development of Russia's own light industry, but also to punish the rampant throw bill rain to celebrate the luxury hotel opened in Russia's Russian government seized Chinese ismailov, shoe business goods, close a Chinese called the base camp of the Cheel Guizo Wo market, and finally a nameless fire seized the shoe other goods. So the Chinese businessman who didn't take out the goods could only cry without tears. because n Retro jordans for sale ot bad, because the gray customs clearance, China shoe business is someone else on the board for fish goods can only be trampled. This is a doom Chinese footwear industry. generation leader Wang Yuejin into the end of Wang Yuejin, the head of Zhejiang's shoe industry, left Wenzhou, left China's shoe industry and went to australia. The two run away, he left a huge amount of debt; owed 5 million yuan to the bank in the Guilin area; the supplier was 7 million yuan. Tyrants group's debt "black hole" is far more than this, only Zhejiang bank, construction bank and other arrears of nearly 130 million yuan. In addition, its external guarantee funds 74 million yuan. Do not rule out more hidden private lending. hero I, was destroyed by investment missteps, lost in "rash" and "conceit."". Or, as an old man who is surrounded by children and grandchildren, he has lost his devotion to the shoes industry and has lost his passion. The end of Wang Yuejin's shoe king is doom. anti dumping against to the last hero mournful air anti-dumping duties have always been conducted by trading countries a colleague from a treasure bought a pair of adidas shoes, was in a treasure in the search "Adidas sports shoes" search to shop with 12145 baby 3.862 million pieces. Fancy a pair of outfit ark price 820 yuan clover grass ZX700 Eason Chan version jordans on sale mens running shoes, 38 stores for sale, one of the best sold more than 360 pairs. Price ranging from 130 yuan to 600 yuan. find home price 157 yuan, can boot dozen votes, also supports the counter inspection, has sold more than 60 pairs, evaluation, "good quality", "authentic", "work is very meticulous", a piece of praise. Delivery is really fast, three days after the arrival of the. The packaging is also good, so in addition to shoes, shoe type annotation, also printed: MADE IN INDONESIA. Support the inspection counter, listen very confident we love to toss people, then experience a chant, went to the Hangzhou tower of the Adidas store. The store staff quickly determined that we buy fake shoes, shoes and shoes are not the same. we put shoes counters to buy back for comparison, two pairs of shoes although similar in appearance, but some of the details is somewhat different from that of, everyone to find fault),first is the color. Store shoes, leather upper leather color than the net purchase of the deep; canvas parts than the net purchase of a shiny; but the color of the shoe soles than online shopping should be light; followed by tags. Obvious signs store shoes, heel "Adidas", the tongue tag sewing neatly; and online shopping for shoes, shoe heel label not only vague, also not neat, tongue sewing labels are not in place, and a length of dew in outside. t Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale hird is a shoe pad. Store shoes, insoles and shoe soles adhesion together, pumping out, mat is quite thick. The logo is with white, clear; and online shopping shoes insoles very thin, because adhesion is not strong is easy to draw out, sole also is very hard. The logo is red, illegible. fourth is to walk the line. Store the shoes, walk the line is very neat; and the shoe of the net buys, the work is rough a lot of. counter, the clerk said that this pair of shoes is definitely not authentic. Moment in my mind flashed a fake a lose ten, fake a loss of life of the screen, but when asked to issue a certificate of identification, but was rejected by the other side. Said to be identified by the professional bodies, the counter can not be issued. Okay, there is no proof of identification, sellers naturally will not acknowledge a debt, the "lost decade" commitment, because the evidence is insufficient, will become the empty talk. Genuine shoes and imitation shoes, in addition to the naked eye to see the difference, there will be no difference between the inside? We went to Wenzhou, Wenzhou quality and technical supervision and testing center, the national footwear quality inspection center. we put online shopping ZX700 and counters of the same sports shoes, to do a professional testing. Test 〉air Jordan Future (Jordan woven shoes series) this shoes already in the fire this year can no longer fire. With the comfortable autumn coming, Jordan Brand Sequoia Jordan, Air, Future, Camo, new color design. The simple and fashionable 3M nylon mesh makes up the shoes, integrates with the trend Street classic camouflage elements, and finally carries its black outsole. Strong military winds, coupled with its street styling, I believe it will be a good street shoes. Its "Sequoia Camo" color is priced at $$150, and friends who are interested may wish to pay more attention to it. with the gradual approaching summer, the 2012 London Olympic Games are slowly coming to us, of course, a lot of related products at the same time, it has become a hot topic. Today, what we're going to introduce to you is an unusual Air Force 1! this pair of AF1 is NIKE with "dream team" as the theme, creates a low shoe section. Although part of the shoe designer adopted a pure red color, the fabric at the heel was unique. And the tongue of the "BAR" is closely linked to the embroidery shoes theme, in commemoration of the "dream team" in the Barcelona Olympic Games have made brilliant achievements. And there is no definite information about its offering time and the form of sale. All interested friends should also pay attention to our follow-up reports. Source: highsnobiety 〈br ;NBA regular season the second week of Top 10 sneakers report 2013-12-08 22:42:41 What are the brightest NBA this week sneakers happen? First, I must mention is played for the Brooklyn Nets team veteran Jerry Stackhouse and his foot replica Fila Stackhouse Retro, Fila announced two days before the Nets two engraved color of the Fila Stackhouse, not Stackhouse will be put on too long in this game of color, it can be described as the most eye-catching one week shoes. In addition, in order to cooperate with the US Veterans Day November 11 of, Under Armour and Li Ning's spokesperson for the small Jordan and Wade launched a Veterans Day version of exclusive shoes. Also coming to join the Jordan Brand's two new Griffin and Westbrook feet Air Jordan 11 and Air Jordan 12. Finally, like Nate Robinson, Nick Young, Monta Ellis these regulars we did not fall, take a look at them this week has to wear something classic Air Jordan shoes now. adidas Originals ZX 8000 launched the Berlin Wall Series 2014-11-05 15:43:57 adidas Originals originated in Germany. November 9 this year, will launch a limited series ZX 8000 Berlin Wall to mark the 25th anniversary of the demolition of the Berlin Wall, and ZX & nbsp; 8000 25th anniversary of the birth of shoes. This series with the then three military checkpoints bricks for inspiration, launched a total of three colors, and are named as: Alpha, Bravo and Charlie, very memorable. & nbsp; Perhaps Nike on "wheaten" This element gained successful that the brand which continuously enrich the product line, today released Nike Sportswear network to build a new wheat-colored series of shoes, many of whom we are familiar with figure, Air Max 1, Air & nbsp; Max 90, Air Max 95, Air Force 1 High series of classic shoes, let us somewhat overwhelmed, and the series of outdoor flavor rich, I believe will be more like friends. There are currently no available information exposed in the series, a friend might like it continue to focus our follow-up reports. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x FILA M-Squad joint section 2014-07-29 14:39:46 & nbsp; Fila has a new movement and the upcoming summer blockbuster "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" will jointly for its classic shoes M-Squad to create a do not note version. Continuation of the design of the M-Suad classic shoes, the color is used TMNT green tone, combined with orange goggles symbol vamp decorative elements, the final carry strong outsole camouflage print presentation. In addition, the shoes also have a limited amount of shoebox, and printed with the movie Logo indicate special status. Currently no available information, interested friends please pay attention to the follow-up reports. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

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