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800 meter race

800 meters has been crisp, this point as someone who believes we all know (* V *) whether you are running 800 meters sportsmeetings boys or girls has run over 800 meters.

hard 800 meters
The distance from
800 meters is half that of the 1 mile traditional race, and 800 meters less than half a mile less than 4.67 meters. As the traditional track and field event held in the first Olympic Games in 1896, 800 meters may be one of the most common track and field events. The outdoor standard track and field competition requires 2 laps, and the indoor race needs to run 4 laps. Energy supply ratio in long distance running in
As the shortest distance member of the middle long distance race,
is a very challenging project, especially for women. It is the main test of endurance anaerobic endurance, it requires players to have excellent aerobic and anaerobic capacity and sprint speed, while in the 800 metres, with aerobic and anaerobic system system are quite large, so while training also requires two athletes in training system. If there is no strong physiological function and Wanqianduo a fighting spirit, 800 meters is not good practice. This point basically see parents you inherited genes, and your personality.
Another difficult point for
800 meters is the coach. 800 meters basically can be divided into two schools: this can be in accordance with the competition strategy to divide, one is the speed to win, and usually 400 meters or 400 meters, a class of 4 to win out of stamina, too fast, this athlete usually and 1500 meters. Therefore, for different types of athletes, coaches need to teach students in accordance with their aptitude and choose suitable methods to meet the needs of the runners, which is not easy.

, the distribution of schools in China is basically the local schools in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. The traditional long-distance running teams in Shandong, Liaoning and Yunnan tend to have endurance talents.

800 meters for the athletes is very difficult, for ordinary people is hard to add, the so-called "no steel drill, do not work porcelain". However, the 800 meter competition is really wonderful, whether it is the scene of the kind of speed, or the expression on the face of the athletes.

after all, every 800 meters athletes, in the end, have to use the power of running.

what's happening to your body?
Ross Tucker
Ross Tucker is a sports physiology professor from Bloemfontein, South Africa (Bloemfontein), University of the Free State, who mainly studies sports physiology and high level sports science. He has done a lot of world class topics about 800 meters.

he believes that many studies have shown that muscle fatigue is due to physiological reasons.

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