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The moment of the game.

2015 "Sun Cup" Ningbo Taibai Lake International cross-country race on the morning of December 12th 8:30 in Yinzhou District east Wu style center start firing, accumulated more than 600 runners participated in the tournament, in the beautiful golden mountains, a landscape of lakes and mountains, and the vast golden Metasequoia forest field gallop yingzi.

experienced 3 days of rainy weather, the 12.12 day race day, the weather clears, add a touch of color for the competition. In the warm sunshine, runners are full of spirit and warm-up exercises in the starting point to carry out eager for a fight. More than 10 handsome boys and girls run the rabbit, lighting the whole track.
starts.The competition is divided into
half marathon and 9 km of joy running two projects, of which, 9 km run joy flagship team competition, the cumulative 50+ group ran the race, they hold high the banner, shouting slogans or outlandish costume, or, every team has formed a distinctive, unique or athletic, or funny, "100" war triggered at any moment.
running group show.
half marathon men's group champion was won by Lin Xin 0252. The result was 01:14:17.66. The women's group champion was won by 0053 Li Wenjie, and the score was 01:26:48.85. The 9 kilometers happy running champion is picked up by the 1 teams of Yong run group and 02:53:14.01 performance. The best team award is "Pan silk hole" and "dream team" running team. The two team of Jiulong Lake running group won the prize of win win cooperation.
"disc hole" running group. The Kowloon Lake running group.
in order to give runners bring outstanding experience, create a good atmosphere, the staff and volunteers work, planning, organizing events from the event before the hospitality and logistical support, they are not relaxed, more medical runners with run, for the players escort. Here, we thank all the members of the organizing committee, volunteers, police Milo, sanitation workers, medical security assistance to work hard.
2015 the "Taiyue Cup" Ningbo Taibai Lake International cross-country competition has been successfully concluded. We witnessed a wonderful moment, sweating, and rejoice and moved. We look forward to seeing you next year.

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