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these reasons tell you how to do more squat weight loss than running these reasons tell you to do more squat weight loss than running is more effective than running
squat really lose weight?

squats need to use the muscles of the big and the leg and the hips. Squat is a compound and systemic exercise. It can train the thigh, buttocks and thigh muscles to help us shape the lower part of the body, and it is very effective for losing weight in the lower part.

how to squat and lose weight?

1, first try Xiao Bai to do a deep squat a time of about 30

if you don't have a fitness habit, the first crouch does not recommend doing too much, and the number can be controlled around 30. But you can do it each time in the morning or evening. You can know the main part of the force when you are just in touch with the squat. It's best to confirm your posture in the mirror when you practice it. At first do not be eager to find the number of squatting. Recommended novice can start practicing squat squat, sofa, don't start practicing the barbell squat and weight training, it will only increase the body may be injured.

2, do not exceed 100
every day after your time training
even a bodybuilding man with confidence in his legs and buttocks, he does not recommend more than 100 squats a day. If you lack special training on the strength of the thighs and buttocks, too much exercise will lead to sore muscles. In addition, it is not recommended that the crouch is too low, the hip is slightly lower than the knee joint. Each group should give yourself a rest time of no less than 30 seconds. After being familiar with a day, you can reach 100 times a day, and pay attention to the rational distribution of the exercise time.
What is the reason for the
squat better than running?

squat won't take you too much time,

for weight loss people, running at least 30 minutes, or even 1 hours, and a valid squat training may take only 10 minutes.

crouch is not restricted by the site,

for many people, sports don't have the right place. They need less car and air to run well, but squats don't have these requirements, they can do it anytime, anywhere.
The waist circumference of the
crouch looks more
than the waistline of the running
I do not know in running. The weight loss of friends have found that, when you lose weight by running the loss of weight, is not always feel the waist and abdomen flabby. In fact, this is the lack of the squat exercise, squat exercise your waist and abdomen will tighten, no longer loose. Please strengthen the squat practice, especially the girl who wants the funnel-shaped figure.

squat can stimulate more muscles in the body,

, it is undeniable that running is a good exercise. It can improve cardiopulmonary ability and exercise leg muscles, but these stimuli are relatively small in squats. Squat stimulate muscles unit four quadriceps and hamstring and hip flexors, gluteus maximus, >

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