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Running is worth keeping.

in order to lose weight, to be healthy, many people joined the ranks of the running. Is the beginning of the team less copious and fluent, and gradually, can stick to a few. Live in Jinchang new City Bao Xiang Yuan Xie Wenya also began to join the ranks of the running and healthy weight loss, did not expect this stick is 20 years.

aunty Xie was 67 years old this year, and was used to be an operator in the factory. "Almost nine years, when I was in his forties, factory efficiency is not good, advised me to retired at home, not what, at that time I love you......" At that time, Auntie Xie, who lived in three yuan and two villages, was not far from the sports center of the city. Every morning, aunt Xie is going to run. "I don't know how many meters in the center of the sports center. I have to run a two or thirty lap every day, anyway." With aunt Xie running together is a member of the city old people in the long distance running team, everyone walks together and runs, but it does not feel too boring.
There are many runners in the
sports center. Some people saw Xie aunt running everyday. After persisting for a long time, she suggested that she should try marathon running. Aunt Xie was an activist, and immediately went to the name. In recent years, Xie aunt has participated in the "2007, 2008, 2009 Dongli cup Shanghai International Marathon", "2010 and 2015 Suzhou marathon around Jinji Lake in Suzhou City, the first public fitness cum sixth session of" Holiday Sports "activities", "2013 years old people walking in the country the linkage activities and the elderly the crutch walking activities", and have achieved good results. A lot of certificates and medals have been obtained at home. As she showed it to the reporter, she had a confident and joyful smile on her face.

Marathon (Marathon) long distance race is a very popular long-distance running event in the world. The whole distance is 26 miles, 385 yards, which is 42.195 kilometers, and we must run in the prescribed time. "I went to the International Marathon in Shanghai, and some of the young people did not run a few kilometers and sat on the road and rubbed their legs to rest. The running is not ready to run directly. Its distance is the limit of the human body. " Xie aunt told reporters that if you start running, the best choice is to increase the intensity of walking, slowly. If you want to go to a marathon, the young are also practicing for three months at least to get ready to compete.

has run down for so many years, and aunt Xie's shoes are much more than the average person. "Running shoes are very important. I want to buy light. I usually go to the supermarket to buy a more than 100 dollar. It's comfortable to wear. Also do not need to buy what brand, a pair of shoes a good few hundred, running is still bad, not willing to. Auntie Xie gave the reporters a look at the shoes in the shoe cabinet, and it was really a light and comfortable style. After many years of experience accumulated, aunt Xie's choice of shoes naturally has its own experience.

is now entering an aging society.

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